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Anglias Re-United

We have started this section to help people find their old 'flames' again.....

If you are looking for an old Anglia you once used to own then click HERE to mail us the details and we will put up an ad for you...  if you manage to be re-united with one of your old cars make sure you take some pictures and send them to us....

Have you seen WJR 501 ?

105Speed would like to trace any history on the above car, it was owned by my Uncle in Northumberland, he bought it new but only ran it for a short while working as Colliery Under Manager at Shillbottle Colliery, on leaving the Coal Board he was given a company car and sold the Anglia. Was believed to be in the Morpeth area for some years after that.

Please click HERE to contact us if you know anything about this car

Have you seen or owned SCL 629 ? 

The car used to be owned by Steve Speck's parents in the 1970's is it still around ?

Click HERE to e-mail Steve

Has anyone seen TFF 623 in the Oldham area recently ?

If so one of its previous owners would be keen to buy it back

Click HERE to contact the previous owner.

Does BNB 368B mean anything to you ?

This car belonged to James Eaves late father and he would be keen to hear from anyone who may have owned this vehicle.

Click HERE to contact James

Does TOO 554 mean anything to you ?

This is rather a special car as it is the car that held 7 World Records for endurance set in 1962. The car spent 7 days and 7 nights circulating Monthlery circuit near France and covered over 14,000 miles at 83mph average speed.

The new owner, Mark Armitage, is in the process of restoring the car to use in Historic Circuit racing.

Mark would like to get in contact with any of the drivers who drove the car for the 7 day, 7 night endurance test.

They are :-  Peter Doughty, Arthur Taylor, Tony Brookes, John Clarke, Michael Brookes and Gerry Boxall

If you know where any of the chaps are click HERE to contact Mark

Have you seen any of the following vehicles ?

MJU 980F Saloon, 77 XVO Saloon, HPT 391 Saloon, KYE 261D Van

If so John Woods would love to hear from you.

Click HERE to e-mail John

Have you seen DUT 500C lately ?

Steve Dalton tells us :-

'Just wondering if any of you anglia lovers out there know of the whereabouts of DUT 500C - a 105e that I restored and put back on the road in about 1996/7? Would love to hear from the present owner and can email some pictures of the restoration.'

Click HERE to e-mail Steve

Have you seen TDX 611 lately ?

Trevor tells us :-

'My father owned TDX 611 bought in 1965, after he died I kept the car until 1969.
We lived near Wymondham Norfolk approx 10 miles from Norwich.

I would like to hear from anyone who owned the car or knows if its still around.'

Click HERE to e-mail Trevor

 Have you seen MOW 188F lately ?

Brian Anker is wondering if this old car is still about.

He tells us :-

"I bought it for 5 in 1980 as a spare car for another Anglia I was trying to do up, but it was in better condition than the one I had. It was back on the road in 2 weeks!

I modified it a little, it was fitted with mildly tuned Mk1 Cortina engine, de chromed, sprayed Connaught green with a gold flash & fitted with Chrome 8 spokes (pic attached). It had 2 new wings 1 steel 1 fiberglass.

I sold it in 1986 when I bought a Customised Mk 3 Zephyr. The chap who bought it was going to restore it back to standard."

Brian was also the Anglia Owners Club Artist back in the 80's and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.

Click HERE to e-mail Brian

Have you seen  DAY 812C a 1200 Super ?

If so Mike Whaley would like to here from you click HERE to e-mail Mike


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