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There are a few useful books around about the Anglia that are well worth keeping an eye out for at Autojumbles.

Probably one of the first tuning book dedicated to getting more power from the pre-crossflow engine.

This book is actually written and produced by J H Haynes of the Haynes Manual fame.

Although many of the subjects covered in this book are extensively covered in the later Tuning Anglias & Cortinas this book has a unique chapter on Supercharging.



Price guide : Between 8-16 depending on condition



A must for anyone interested in modifying Anglias

An absolute classic !  First printed by Speed and Sports Publications in conjunction with Cars & Car Conversions Magazine back in September 1969, subsequently re-printed in May 1970 and again in August 1970

Includes chapters on : Birth of the Breed, Principles of Tuning, Tuning the Anglia, Tuning the 1500 Cortina, The 1600 Crossflow Cortina, Bigger Engines, The V4, The Twin Cam and Body and interior

The book has many illustrations and a few period adverts including an interesting one for the Shorrocks Blower from Allard.


Price guide : Between 6-15 depending on condition



This book is by John Young, also printed by Speed and Sports Publications in conjunction with Cars & Car Conversions Magazine back in 1967.

Alot of the content of this book is duplicated in Tuning Anglias and Cortinas but is also worth buying as it contains useful workshop information such as valve clearances, torque settings etc for all the Pre-Crossflow engines.

As well as a couple of nice black & white photo graphs of Anglias in action the book contains several exploded diagrams and similar period adverts in the back.

Again Allard are advertising, this time for their catalogue along with other well known names such as Howe Exhausts

Price guide : Between 6-15 depending on condition



This book is by Paul Davies, and printed by SpeedSport Publications back in 1972 (second edition)

This book is a must for anyone tuning Anglias, not because it is full of information specific to the Anglia, although there is some, but because of the reference table in the back giving everything from Compression Ratios across the Ford range to Gearbox & Final Drive Ratios, Carb settings, cam specs etc

Very useful when sourcing parts from other vehicles and sorting out what will work best with what.


Price Guide : Between 5 - 17 depending on condition




This is a lovely book from the time, written in 1967 by Nick Brittan, well known for his racing success with an Anglia known as 'Green Bean' seen pictured on the cover.

Although the book is only a very general guide to going saloon car racing and doesnt include and specific tuning tips it does include advice and principles that still hold true in motorsport today.

There are a few sections of photographs throughout the book with a superb photograph of an Anglia battling shoulder to shoulder with a Mini on a bend.


Price Guide : A copy sold on E-bay recently for 30




This is a superb book written by Michael Allen and was first published back in 1986 by Motor Racing Publications.

The book covers the evolution of the 'Anglia' from the Ford Eight all the way through to the 105E.

Included are many excellent photographs and a whole chapter dedicated to the Anglia in Competition including rallying, saloon car racing and record breaking.

There are also many rarities to be seen in this book including a suspected Crayford Convertible, the Torino, Abbots of Farnham Estate converion available before Ford built an Anglia Estate. Sadly not shown is the Martin Walter Pickup conversion made from the Anglia Van.

Sadly this book has recently gone out out print.

Price Guide : Cover Price was 10.95  at the time of writing this there is a copy available through Amazon collectables at www.amazon.co.uk for 31.50

ISBN : 0-947981-07-1


For anyone into motorsport from the period Drive It ! by Paul Huggett is a must. It contains many all action pictures containing Anglias racing at many stadiums that are no longer there.

There is even a picture of Kevin Wood from Milton Race Preparation racing an Anglia sponsored by Milton Motors.


Price Guide : Unknown





For anyone into Ford Commercial Vehicles this rare book is a 'must have' in anyone collection. Featuring of course the Anglia Van



Price Guide : Unknown






We would like to thank Ken Bridges for allowing us to raid his extensive library

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