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LATEST NEWS (10/01/10)

Milton - The new 2010 catalogue has been uploaded

09/01/10 22:21

Downloads - A new section where we will be adding free downloads like screen savers etc, the first free download is the 2007 Calendar

23/01/07 00:01

Links - The links page has been revamped to include new sites that have come along

19/01/07 01:40

Competition - Dave at Retro Ford sent this picture for the caption competition.

06/03/06 13:35

Products - This section is undergoing a re-vamp, please DO NOT use the PRODUCTS option at the bottom of the Menu, continue to use the option 3 from the top.

23/11/05 08:56

Retro Ford - New section added to the Retro Ford page to show a sample their Fabrication and Shell Preparation

09/11/05 12:26

Gallery - Anglias in Period, a gallery of 1960's racing pics

09/11/05 09:15

Your Cars - Added Anthony Pavitts lovely 1962 Deluxe

25/10/05 21:17

Cars for Sale - Added another car to this section

25/10/05 20:29

Gallery - New gallery added covering the 2005 Anglia Owners Club AGM

24/10/05 23:41

Second Hand Spares - Added copies of Tuning Anglias & Cortinas and Tuning Four Cylinder Ford

13/10/05 11:58

SuperVan - The story of two 'Road Trips' endured by an Anglia van in the early 1970's

13/10/05 11:32

Cars for Sale - Just added another nice car to the cars for sale section

22/08/05 13:40

Cars for Sale - Just added more cars to the cars for sale section including a lovely low mileage example

10/07/05 11:15

Gallery - The Anglia Owners Club AGM 2004 held at the Haynes Museum in Sparkford

25/10/04 19:03

Gallery - Classic Ford Show 2004 at Santa Pod in Bedfordshire

16/09/04 21:26

Cars For Sale - This section has been tidied up and a rather 'famous' car has been added for sale.

30/08/04 18:03

Gallery - Nostalgia Event 2004 at South Cerney nr Cirencester on the last weekend in July


Gallery - Anglias on the Channel Islands sent to us by John Dunne

10/08/04 12:48

Gallery - Anglias at the Retro Cars Show 2004 at Santa Pod on July 4th

10/08/04  11:44

Gallery - Anglias at Ace Cafe, pictures from the popular London venue

29/06/04 12:45

Milton Catalogue - 2004 Updates includes revised pricing and new products in the form of a new 2000E gearbox crossmember, new front struts, full polybush kit, ally top mounts, strutbraces for MkI & MkII Escort, bolt on rear disk kit.

30/04/04 14:46

Anglias Re-United - There have been a few vehicles added to the list recently, anyone you know ?

30/04/04 00:45

Your Projects - Eddie Wilkinson sent us pics of his project along with a mates project thats sharing the same workshop

30/04/04 00:23

Your Cars - John Dunne from the Channel Islands sent us some pics of his Hill Climb Anglia

29/04/04 23:46

Products - 4 into 1 Exhaust Manifolds are now available from stock !

29/04/04 15:14

Your Projects - Craig Faichney of Scotland has just acquired a new project

17/03/04 11:31

Gallery Updates - The Hot Rod gallery has an additional 2 pages courtesy of GM Photos, includes some vintage George Polley Pics

16/03/04 11:15

Your Projects - Sean Holden of Australia sent in some pics of his project.. what a beast this could turn out to be with around 400BHP !

16/03/04 10:23

Your Projects - Leon Mejiers has sent a few more pics of the progress on his Classic Rally car.

15/03/04 12:45

Retro Ford - We've now added a catalogue containing some of the Retro Ford Zetec Conversion products.

15/03/04 11:20

Gallery - Additional page added to the Vans Gallery featuring a rather nice Zetec Powered Van !

03/03/04 01:03

Forum - With the demise of the Anglia Owners Club Discussion Board 105Speed has opened a Bulletin Board for the use of site visitors, please feel free to make use of the facility to talk Anglia with other owners throughout the world.

02/03/04 23:35

Gallery - A new gallery dedicated to Hot Rods of the 70's & 80's

02/03/04 11:02

Your Cars - Yyvonne Parkes sent us some pictures of her partners BDA Powered Anglia, what a beast !

02/03/04 10:40

Your Projects - Wayne Hankins of Wales has seen significant progress on his Zetec Powered, Bubble Arched Beast... soon be finished

04/02/04 01:09

Products - We've just had an Alloy Steering Wheel Centre made for Mountney style wheel bosses that will take the original Anglia Steering wheel Centre

04/02/04 00:31

Cars for Sale - There have been a couple of cars added to the Cars for Sale section.

03/02/04 23:55

Competition - We've finally found another pic to use for a Caption Competition...

22/01/04 00:09

Gallery - A new section has been added to the gallery of pictures taken by Vagn Neilson of Denmark of the Broadspeed cars when they raced at the Roskilde Ring in Denmark back in 1966

20/01/04 18:55

Stuff - This is another new section for 2004 and will contain all those odd things we have snapped over the last year or so but have no real home for.

20/01/04 14:54

Events - We've added a new section to cover events that are being held in 2004 in the hope that people can find a show to go to somewhere near them where there will be other Anglia owners in attendance.

20/01/04 12:03

Gallery - New Pictures added in the Anglias in Motorsport section of the Gallery, sent to us by John Grant of New Zealand there are pictures from the Targa Rally 2003

20/01/04 11:25

NEW Product - Pre-Fabricated Gearbox Tunnel for Sierra Type 9 Gearbox

03/01/04 16:40

Cars for Sale - Tim Selwood from North Yorkshire is selling a nice little 'project' for someone

27/12/03 21:55

Your Cars - Martin Birchalls Twin Cam powered Milton Anglia along with his son, Sams 'Tot-Rod'

18/12/03 02:25

Your Cars - Etienne Schoofs of Belgium sent us pics of a lovely Anglia 'Sportsman'

18/12/03 02:12

Lonely Owners - At last someone has admitted they are a bit lonely and would like to meet up with other owners.

15/12/03 18:05

Site Updates - There have been minor site updates including items in the Secondhand Spares section, Russell MacFarlanes rather nice standard car in Your Cars and a couple of new Maddadash install pics in the Products Section
04/12/03 12:41

Cars for Sale - There have been a few cars added into the Cars for Sale section including a rather nice modified aswell as a nice standard 997 Deluxe and a restoration project, so something for everyone.
04/12/03 12:38

Site Updates - There have been updates all over the site, the next stage of Wayne Hankins project is shown in the 'Your Projects' section, Keith Cramptons Drag Racer is also a new car in the 'Your Projects' section. Denzil Bhana has some pics in the 'Your Cars' section of his circuit racer.
01/11/03 21:39

New Products - There are some new products that have been added to the range including Upholstery Cleaner, Fog & Reversing Light Kits, Replica Radio Panels and Stainless Heater Box Screws
23/10/03 02:43

Your Cars - John Grant of New Zealand has sent us pictures of his rather nice modified Anglia
23/10/03 01:30

Cars For Sale - The standard car currently owned by 105Speed is up for sale to fund a 'company' van.
22/10/03 18:45

Zetec Conversions - Zetec specialists Retro Ford take up temporary residence on 105Speed.com
01/10/03 02:21

Products - Pictures of a very nice Maddadash install, see the Products Section
22/09/03 15:01

Gallery - Pictures have been added into the 'Anglias over the last 6 years' section of cars seen at some of the shows this year
18/09/03 11:23

Products - NEW PRODUCTS including :- Dashlighting, Switches, new fuel pump blanking plate, exhaust strap and small breather
18/09/03 02:04

Gallery - Pictures from this years Goodwood Revival
12/09/03 13:16

Cars for Sale - 2 Anglias have come up for sale on the Isle of Wight, both owned by the same chap.
12/09/03 10:37

Your Cars - We took these pictures of Alex Postan of England period race car while it was at Northampton Motorsport being set up ready to race at the Goodwood Revival.
26/08/03 11:09

Your Projects - Patrice Wattinne of France has finished his race car project and has bought another project to keep him busy. See the Your Projects section for the latest pictures.
26/08/03 00:55

NEW Product - Alloy gearknobs made exclusively by Milton Race Preparation for 105Speed to fit the standard Anglia gearstick as well as the original 2000E and others in the Ford Range.
13/08/03 11:55

Your Cars - Emilios Iliou from Greece sent us pictures of his excellent restoration.
01/08/03 10:43

Site Updates -1 new car has been added to the Cars For Sale section,  1 new car has been added to the Anglias Re-United section and Patrice Wattinne's new project has a new home in the Your Projects Section.
01/08/03 10:01

Site Launched on 4th February 2003 !!

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